Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unable to defend his radical position on abortion, Congressman Gary Peters is offended Right to Life of Michigan copied and pasted his comments

In a sad attempt to avoid talking about his radical position on abortion, Congressman Gary Peters is attacking Right to Life of Michigan and feigning outrage because we copied and pasted a quote from his Facebook page.

Here’s the comment Congressman Gary Peters made on January 22, 2014:

Today is the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, which is an essential protection for women to make health care decisions for themselves and their families. But today, in Michigan, special interest groups have restricted access to women's health care and made health coverage even more expensive for our families. As the father of 2 daughters, I want to make sure that critical health care choices are accessible, affordable, and protected.

Peters is clearly talking about abortion. Abortion is the only thing that Roe v. Wade protected. The special interest groups he’s referring to are clearly prolife organizations like Right to Life of Michigan. We copied and pasted the final sentence of his post into our web site.

For some reason, Peters believes that copying and pasting his own words is offensive. If Congressman Peters is offended by his own words, then maybe he shouldn’t have written them. 

Or maybe Congressman Peters no longer believes abortion should be "accessible, affordable, and protected?"  If he's changed his position, he should let people know.

In a press release, Peters further claims that Right to Life of Michigan is “distort(ing) his support for women’s health care.”

That’s an odd claim considering we merely pointed out his radical record of pro-abortion votes and his advocacy for abortion and assisted suicide using his voting record and things he has said.