Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unnamed pro-abortion group sets up phony online petition

Instead of doing the hard work of gathering actual signatures to overturn Michigan’s Abortion Insurance Opt-Out, an unnamed pro-abortion group has set up an online petition at which misleads visitors into thinking that signing the online petition can help overturn Michigan’s law.

The web site states:

If we can collect enough signatures for a public referendum on the "rape insurance" measure, we can put this awful legislation up for a statewide vote. But we only have 90 days to do it. Let's get those signatures and take Michigan back from the GOP!

I SUPPORT A PUBLIC REFERENDUM: I oppose the "rape insurance" law that denies women equal rights and invades their privacy. I urge Michigan officials to put the measure to a statewide vote.

This is done so the unnamed pro-abortion group can get names and e-mails. Signing an online petition in no way can overturn a law in Michigan.

So far only around 44,000 people have signed the online petition which doesn’t require signers to even be from Michigan.  More than 315,000 signatures from Michigan voters were turned in by NO Tax for Abortion Insurance petition drive.