Thursday, May 1, 2014

Local sheriff in Michigan saved life by refusing to transport inmate for abortion

Sheriff Kim Cole via Mason County Press
The Mason County Press shared Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole's speech at the Mason County Right to Life dinner.  Sheriff Cole saved a child's life by not agreeing to transport a female inmate for an abortion without a court order.  The woman eventually changed her mind, choose life and made an adoption plan for her child.

“Last summer, sometime in July or August, I was sitting at my desk and the department nurse came to see me. She told me that we had another pregnant inmate — we had four at one time — at that the girl wanted an abortion.

“I said no. The taxpayers of Mason County weren’t going to pay for that. If she wanted to get an abortion she would have to get a court order.”
“She gave me a call on my cell phone and I got to go to the hospital and hold the little guy,” Cole said. “I keep a picture of us together on my desk and on my phone.”