Monday, June 30, 2014

Prolife representative defends decision to provide funding to mothers in need

Representative Andrea LaFontaine recently penned a piece to defend the Michigan legislature’s decision to provide funding to the Real Alternatives program which helps pregnant women carry their children to term.

When a woman is faced with an unexpected pregnancy, one challenging choice becomes life-changing. For the women who choose life, this counseling program provides a support mechanism that includes an informed, personal relationship, not just a pamphlet they can find online. Providing resources to those who have chosen parenthood can be as simple as a free supply of diapers or a few face-to-face conversations with real people who have professional training and can share helpful information. This is exactly what Real Alternatives has just begun doing for Michigan moms.

With 2014 as its first year operating in Michigan, Real Alternatives is working to establish helpful programs for real moms through existing support centers in the southern region of the state. This requires training local professionals to properly implement the program, an effort that simply takes time. Nine service locations are currently utilizing the Real Alternatives program and five additional locations will be providing those same services by the end of this fiscal year.