Friday, August 15, 2014

Traverse City Record-Eagle editorial board needs to learn how to do some basic research

Even though the No Taxes for Abortion Insurance petition drive received countless pages of press, some media outlets seem to have forgotten much of what happened.  In an editorial regarding petition drives and the Michigan legislature, the editorial board of the Traverse City Record-Eagle wrote this:

In December, lawmakers approved controversial citizen-initiated abortion insurance legislation. The petition drive was organized by Right to Life of Michigan. Instead of letting the issue go to the ballot — which is supposedly what Right to Life was petitioning for — the Legislature chose to enact the law, preventing voters from having a say. That move also put Gov. Rick Snyder, who had earlier vetoed similar legislation, out of the loop.   

If the members of the Record-Eagle had done a minute or two of research (or maybe even taken the time to call a Right to Life of Michigan office), they would know that Right to Life of Michigan was not “supposedly” petitioning for the citizen-initiated abortion insurance legislation to go to the ballot.  In fact, Right to Life of Michigan lobbied the state legislature to vote on it in a timely fashion so that it would become law as soon as possible. 

For the Record-Eagle to claim the opposite shows a complete lack of research, most likely from a desire to fit our petition drive into the narrative of their editorial.  If the editorial board of the Record-Eagle had even taken the time to search their own archives of articles they would have found this article from December 2013 which notes Right to Life of Michigan “applauded” legislators for passing the law.