Thursday, November 6, 2014

Being Prolife Pays Off at the Polls

Because of the selfless work of prolife people, the 2014 midterm election saw 86% of candidates endorsed by the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee win their races, a historic result. Highlights include 100 percent of the endorsed candidates for the U.S. House and Michigan Senate winning their races, as well as 90 percent of endorsed Michigan House candidates.

The top of the ticket did well, including returning prolife Bill Schuette to the important office of Michigan attorney general for four more years. We have elected prolife people who share our values.

Despite huge cash infusions from teacher unions and the efforts of paid election workers, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan endorsed candidates fared poorly, winning only 46% of their races. Planned Parenthood routinely downplays their commitment to abortion, but Michigan voters were not fooled and returned solid prolife majorities to the Michigan Legislature.

Prolife volunteers, working hard for free, made a difference in key races, some of which were decided by less than 100 votes. Before the election, Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson begrudgingly recognized the unique success Right to Life of Michigan has with elections and legislation in the column, "How Right to Life keeps winning in Michigan."

Right to Life of Michigan is a grassroots organization that depends on the work of affiliates and volunteers across the state. You are Right to Life of Michigan. Thank you for your efforts this election season!