Thursday, February 19, 2015

Indiana moves to revoke license of South Bend abortion clinic

An abortion clinic near the Michigan border in South Bend, Indiana may soon close as Indiana's State Department of Health has filed paperwork to revoke the license of the clinic. The paperwork was filed after inspections found numerous violations and the clinic made no effort to resolve them. 

The clinic's abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, has had a variety of run-ins with the law including his failure to report statutory rape after performing abortions on 13-year-old girls. 
Indiana’s complaint cites recent and recurring violations from inspections as evidence the clinic isn’t following state laws and “is detrimental to the welfare of clinic patients.”

An October inspection cited 27 regulations the clinic did not meet, including proof of staff certification, clinic procedures and disposal of expired medication. The report also details clinic shortcomings, including that 15 out of 30 patient files showed patients were not monitored by qualified personnel other than the doctor while under conscious sedation during an abortion procedure.

Indiana’s complaint states that in December the clinic’s administrators were contacted via mail, given their first notice of noncompliance, and asked to submit a plan of correction. By Jan. 5, they had not submitted an acceptable plan, and were sent a second notice of noncompliance, it indicates.