Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Federal agents raid home of longtime Michigan abortionist Michael Roth

Last night federal agents raided and searched the home of longtime abortionist Michael Roth.  His home was searched after a car accident investigation discovered medical equipment (possibly abortion instruments) and human tissue (possibly the remains of aborted children) in the trunk of his car.  His is suspected of performing illegal abortions. 

Here’s part of the story from FOX 2 News.
West Bloomfield police were able to confirm that two search warrants were executed in this case so far - one at Roth's home and the other at the doctor's practice.

While details are sketchy as to what they were looking for and what they uncovered, police did say this stems from a crash the doctor was allegedly involved in, on 14 Mile Road near Orchard Lake two weeks ago.

The crash left one person critically injured and inside Roth's vehicle was said to be a gruesome discovery, according to sources.

Now, the attorney general confirms they too are investigating Dr. Roth. Sources tell us he is suspected in conducting illegal abortions and thus, is subject to this investigation.

Roth has a long history with abortion malpractice. Right to Life of Michigan highlighted his sordid history in our Abortion Clinic Abuses report in 2012.  That report notes how Roth was fined by the Board of Medicine after performing abortions in the homes of 2 women in the late 1990's.  Roth still holds a medical license after promising to never perform abortions outside of clinic/hospital setting and completing a probationary period.  The report also details the results of 2002 investigation of Roth’s office by a state pharmacy investigator and Roth’s numerous infractions, his failure to follow Michigan’s informed consent law, and allegations by a former employee that Roth was performing abortions past 24 weeks.