Monday, October 26, 2015

Michigan abortion clinic owner Renee Chelian caught on undercover video joking about burning bodies of aborted children in upper Michigan

One of the leaked undercover videos of National Abortion Federation conference filmed by the Center for Medical Progress is of a workshop featuring Michigan abortion clinic owner Renee Chelian.  Chelian owns the Northland Family Planning chain of abortion clinics which does approximately 1/4 of all abortions in Michigan and does abortions up to 24 weeks.  During the workshop, Chelian discusses the variety of problems she encountered when Stericycle, a waste disposal company, stopped disposing of the remains of aborted children from Northland clinics.

At one point in the workshop, Chelian described how her clinic had 5 months worth of fetal remains in rented freezers.  She goes on to talk about how getting rid of the fetal tissue was all she thought about. She then says, “I was so consumed with fetal tissue that I was ready to drive to upper Michigan to have a bonfire. And it was just trying to figure out, you know, how I wouldn’t get stopped or how far into the woods would I have to go to have this fire that nobody would see me.”

She eventually hired someone from another abortion clinic to take 20 bottles of fetal tissue and put them in that clinic’s garbage disposal. Chelian also shared that she eventually found another company to take her fetal tissue and believes that fetal tissue eventually ends up at Stericycle.

During the question and answer period, Chelian mentioned she thought it would be “great idea” to burn the remains of aborted children for energy although it would be a “PR (public relations) nightmare.”

Chelian talks about taking fetal remains in a U-Haul to a pet crematory in Illinois, buying land in Detroit and putting an incinerator there to burn fetal remains and jokes about providing women who abort with the remains of their aborted children. 

Chelian was previously featured in a political online ad by the Michigan Democratic Party attacking Terri Lynn Land’s U.S. Senate campaign.

 Full video of Fetal Disposition 2/3 is below.

Chelian's talk begins at around 23 minutes mark in the Fetal Disposition 1/3 video.