Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Remembering Kermit Gosnell

On November 10, a documentary titled 3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy will be released. This documentary uncovers the truth behind the abortion industry through the lens of Kermit Gosnell, former Philadelphia abortionist and convicted murderer.

Gosnell was responsible for late-term abortions that turned into infanticides, as well as the deaths of women who had abortions in clinic. His facility was the farthest thing from clean with cat feces, bloodstains, and bags of baby body parts. Jars were discovered with severed feet kept as trophies, and aborted babies were in the fridge next to employees’ lunches. Ultimately Gosnell was convicted of three counts of murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, as well as a vast amount of lesser charges.

3801 Lancaster, the location of Gosnell's clinic, was an unclean house of horrors teeming with death. This new documentary, which follows an earlier production from the same filmmakers about Gosnell, will show what really happened and who Kermit Gosnell really is.

Another movie in production, “Gosnell,” just finished filming. A dramatic portrayal of the same events covered by the new documentary, the goal of "Gosnell" is to show people America’s biggest serial killer and the media cover-up of his case.

The things that Kermit Gosnell did are despicable; the horrors he inflicted on his patients and their babies are unfathomable. Gosnell is not alone, however, there are numerous bad actors in the abortion industry. Just recently an abortionist in Michigan was found with 14 containers of body parts in his car. The abortionist, Michael Roth, also had medical equipment and pain medicine in his vehicle. He is currently under investigation for performing at-home abortions. He has a history of disciplinary actions, including performing two at-home abortions.

People in America must see what is really happening in the abortion industry. Since the media often refuses to sufficiently report on these cases, it is our job as prolife people to shed a light on the atrocities that are taking place. Share the information about these movies, watch them with friends and family; make sure America can never forget where diminishing the value of human life can lead us!