Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Numerous health violations found at Georgia abortion clinics

A local news station in Georgia did some investigative work into their state's inspection of abortion clinics and what they found wasn't pretty.  

Geary got the inspection records for all five clinics three weeks after filing the open records request. Some of them were pages long, listing numerous violations. Those violations were for items like expired medications and medical instruments, including speculums.  Others listed unsterilized equipment, sterilized and non-sterile supplies stored in the same room with a traffic cone, the vent in a biohazard room taped off with cardboard, soiled linens in surgical rooms and stirrups wrapped in duct tape. One violation was for iodine swabs to prevent wound infections that had expired 10 years ago.

"If I was a patient at that clinic I would be horrified to know that maybe the tools they were using were not clean," said Galloway.

Planned Parenthood runs only one of the five surgical clinics. It's located in Augusta and had 23 violations in 2011, and paid a $1,400 fine.