Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Infamous late-term abortionist sued for causing sterility, leaving part of baby’s skull in woman

Colorado abortionist Warren Hern is being sued by a Nebraska woman who claims Hern left a piece of her child’s skull in her uterus.  This piece of skull caused a number of health issues, including sterility. 

Hern is known for performing 3rd-trimester abortions and was featured in the pro-abortion film After Tiller which focuses on abortionists who do late-term abortions. 

Following the Dec. 3, 2013, abortion, Hern told the DeBuhrs that all fetal tissue had been removed from her body even though the 4-centimeter bone was still inside her, the lawsuit says.

Neither Hern nor anyone in the clinic warned the DeBuhrs about the risks associated with the operation, the lawsuit says.

The doctor also failed to warn the couple about the risk that fetal tissue or bone would be left inside her body after the procedure, the lawsuit says.

Jennifer DeBuhr began to experience spotty bleeding in 2014. The skull fragment had become lodged in her uterus, the lawsuit says.

She suffered severe pain, mental distress and the removal of her uterus, it says. She lost her ability to conceive children and has a permanent injury.