Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Proud to fail NARAL’s test yet again

Congratulate Michigan and its legislators for failing once again. For at least the eighth year in a row, the pro-abortion group NARAL has given the state of Michigan an “F.” The nation as a whole received a “D.”

Annually, NARAL releases its “Who Decides” report which analyzes state legislation and grades each of the 50 states based on how their laws restrict or don’t restrict abortion. States with few or no prolife laws receive high grades while states with a large number prolife laws usually receive failing grades.

Right to Life of Michigan is proud to be given another “F” from NARAL because of our numerous lifesaving laws. These laws (including a ban on tax-funded abortions, regulations on abortion providers, as well as parental and informed consent laws) have helped decrease the number of abortions performed in Michigan by 43.7% since 1987.