Monday, October 10, 2016

Second presidential debate and abortion still not discussed in-depth

Again abortion was not brought up during the second presidential debate on Sunday night. There wasn’t a single question asked about this human rights issue that affects millions of lives every year. Abortion hangs like a dark cloud over every judicial appointment.

It did get incidentally brought up when a debate attendee asked about the Supreme Court justices each candidate would nominate. Hillary Clinton promised to nominate justices who would stick with Roe v. Wade and uphold abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. She mentioned that Donald Trump would like to reverse Roe v. Wade and this would take our country backwards. Donald Trump said he wants to nominate judges from the same mold as the late Justice Antonin Scalia: judges who would respect the Constitution.

The word "abortion" was not mentioned at all during the town hall-style debate. Since this is an issue that many Americans have strong thoughts and feelings about, it should get discussed at some point during the debates so that the American people can see the wide contrast between Trump and Clinton's positions.

We'll do the job the moderators didn't and give you some more details on the candidate's positions from their own past statements, click here for Donald Trump's record on life, and click here for Hillary Clinton's.