Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mail order abortions

Abortion by mail is a new way to bring abortions to states where they are "hard to find."  The latest push by the abortion industry is truly creating abortion-on-demand with the idea that a simple phone call can allow abortion pills to arrive straight to your mailbox.

Currently Hawaii, New York, Oregon and Washington are participating in an experimental trial which literally hands over an abortion pill with few questions asked. Currently this practice is not approved in the U.S. by the FDA.  However, in Australia and in the Canadian province of British Columbia, this has become a common practice. All it takes is a quick call or Internet chat with an abortionist and you can receive the RU-486 abortion pills through the mail.

After these countries have begun to pioneer the way for this new practice, there is now an experimental push in the United States to look into an American version of this practice.

This push is being organized by Gynuity Health Projects, the abortion pill has long been a top priority for them. On their own website they boast of organizing abortion trade convention workshops entitled, “Medical abortion service provision: How low can we go?” and “Can we omit the screening ultrasound before medical abortion?”

Even though the experiments are said to be closely watched, there are countless complications that can come with taking the abortion pill. Not having an actual medical professional examine you doesn’t rule out other potentially dangerous complications that could arise, like an ectopic pregnancy.  It is also important to note that medical abortions often fail, leaving the woman to have an additional surgical abortion.

This experiment is yet another attempt by the abortion industry to dehumanize the unborn and cut corners. Rather than benefiting women, these rules are convenient for the abortion industry: how low can they go? These practices are unacceptable and creating an environment of abuse for women.