Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Life Uninvited returns to TV

Last year in January we debuted Life Uninvited, a 30-minute documentary that addresses the controversial issue of rape and abortion. Each of the four women featured in it shares a different personal experience. The stories include being conceived in rape, rape and incest survivors, abortion, and parenting a child conceived in rape.

Because of the nature of their stories and out of respect for their wishes, Life Uninvited is not online anywhere. It's not a DVD we can sell or rent out. Thankfully we're able to air it again on TV statewide this weekend, as well as Jan. 14-15 and Jan. 22. Here's the channels and times for this weekend's showings:

The film is the culmination of our Compassion Project ads in 2015. Far too often the issue of rape and abortion is addressed as a political debate. Very rarely do people actually hear stories from people who were conceived in rape or rape survivors who gave birth and kept their children.

Extremely few people even realize that only half of women pregnant through rape actually have abortions. RAINN estimates that there are between 7,750 to 12,500 children conceived in rape every year in America, only half of whom are aborted. When you add the numbers up over the decades, the simple odds are that you know one of these hundreds of thousands of people living with us today, indistinguishable from anyone else.

Unless you are a veteran prolifer, however, you probably have never heard about the issue of rape and abortion from that perspective. As Shauna points out in Life Uninvited, there is a stigma associated to being conceived in rape. When society talks about you as a "rapist's child," lesser than, perhaps you fear confiding in others your history and sharing your unique perspective.

Be sure to tune in and share the program details with others, inviting them to watch Life Uninvited with an open mind.