Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Making the U-turn on abortion

Dear Lifesaver,

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Winter Olympics. Political tensions aside, it was a thrill to watch some of the finest athletes in the world compete against one another, each and every one of them an expert in their field.

The same thing is true in the ever-changing world of technological advances. It seems like virtually every day there’s news of yet another astonishing breakthrough. Again, the work of experts in their field!

I’m also fascinated with medical research. Through the relentless pursuit of new and innovative treatments, diseases that were once incurable are wiped from the face of the earth. The result of experts in their field hard at work.

We are experts too! We are experts at the “U-turn.” Without hesitation, I would suggest that our expertise in this area is second to none in our modern-day culture.

Today, the prolife movement is filled with people who once considered themselves to be “pro-choice.” Perhaps they kept their opinion to themselves. Maybe they were a pro-choice donor. Maybe they were a pro-abortion activist. Some who have experienced the prolife U-turn even worked in an abortion clinic once upon a time. Or, tragically, had an abortion themselves.

Countless people have made a U-turn. It’s not just a matter of educating the general public on the realities of abortion. Sure, that’s certainly part of it, but not the whole story. The U-turn experience is much deeper. It is rooted in love and acceptance. Everyone is welcome in this movement! Everyone!

Meet Abby Johnson. At one point in time, Abby ran a large Planned Parenthood affiliate in Texas. But Abby has made a U-turn. She now leads an organization called, “And Then There Were None.” Their mission is to offer a U-turn to those working in the abortion industry.

In her latest report, Abby indicated that an amazing 419 abortion clinic workers have made a prolife U-turn in their lives, including 7 full-time abortionists.

Just recently, Abby introduced Adrienne Moton to the prolife movement. Adrienne was one of Kermit Gosnell’s employees. For over 30 years, Gosnell ran the most notorious and brutal abortion clinic in the country. Moton had worked side-by-side with Gosnell in his grisly trade. But then Adrienne began to make her U-turn.

After his arrest, she helped authorities put Gosnell away for the rest of his life. Though she had helped prosecutors, she was still convicted of third degree murder and went to prison. On the day of her sentencing in May 2013, Adrienne Moton, through tears, told the court, “I don’t feel like I got arrested. I feel like I got rescued.”

Abby Johnson reached out to Adrienne while she was still behind bars. Abby spoke passionately of the love, forgiveness and redemption that she had experienced. Adrienne has now joined Abby in making a U-turn. Now she’s free—free indeed!

I am so proud of the prolife movement. As I look across the landscape of America and investigate our rich heritage as a nation, I see absolutely no parallel to our movement. We labor 24/7 for people who will never be able to thank us. We are ridiculed and mocked at every step of the way. Daily, we are slandered and mischaracterized in the news and on social media. Yet, through all the abuse, we exemplify unconditional love. We are experts at the U-turn.

But I must tell you, I am deeply troubled by what I see happening in our great state. According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, the latest annual statistics tell us that 49% of all abortions performed in our state are repeat! These are people who desperately need a U-turn in their lives.

Because of a past abortion, many are experiencing damaged relationships, broken marriages, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, increased sexual promiscuity and generally a dysfunctional lifestyle. All this can lead to another abortion. You and I desperately need to intervene, not only to prevent a future casualty, but to provide people on a dead-end road with a way of escape: a U-turn!

The good news is we are living in a day when people are converting to the prolife movement in droves. Women, men, parents, brothers, sisters, friends and teachers are coming to grips with either a past abortion or the role that they played in a past abortion. We are living in a day when doctors and nurses are escaping the bloody clutch of the abortion industry, where people like Adrienne Moton are finding forgiveness and redemption.

The prolife U-turn: a sign of the times!

We’re here. Everyone is welcome. We desperately need to put up more U-turn signs in Michigan. Are you with me? If so, please, give your most generous donation possible online to Right to Life of Michigan for $100, $50, $45, $25 or whatever you can afford. We must dig in for the long haul.

If you are able, I would encourage you to join me as a member of our 2018 Life Support Team with a gift given on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semiannual basis. If you are sold on the concept of the U-turn, the Life Support Team is an unprecedented way to make an impact. Send us an e-mail at if you'd like us to sign you up.

Thank you for helping us provide a U-turn!

With deepest appreciation,

Barbara Listing, President
Right to Life of Michigan