Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Detroit News columnist Laura Berman thinks letting women decide how the remains of their miscarried children are treated "steals dignity from women"

Laura Berman, a pro-abortion columnist for the Detroit News provides a very weak argument against prolife legislation which recently passed the Michigan Senate by an overwhelming 33-5 vote. The bill would require the remains of unborn children who are aborted or miscarried to be disposed of in a dignified manner. The bills were introduced last year after the remains of aborted children were found in an abortion clinic's dumpster.

Berman argues the bills "impose a new opportunity for grief" on women who miscarry because women who miscarry at 10 weeks or later would have to sign a form indicating whether they want the remains of their unborn children to be buried, cremated or interred.

Amazingly, Berman thinks women should have the completely unrestricted ability to have abortions but women shouldn't be able to choose how they want the remains of their unborn children treated. Wouldn't most women who miscarry be more traumatized not knowing how the remains of their unborn children were treated? Isn't it empowering to allow women to decide how their children's bodies are treated? Apparently, the decision to have an abortion is the only decision Berman views as empowering.

Berman's opposition to this bill is incredibly radical. Only 5 Michigan senators voted against this legislation. A number of Michigan senators (Sen. Glenn Anderson, Sen. Morris Hood, Sen. Vince Gregory and Virgil Smith) who typically oppose any kind of prolife legislation voted in favor of this legislation. In her column, Berman never mentions the results of the Senate vote.