Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leading embryonic stem cell company abandons field

Geron, one of the leading companies hoping to use human embryonic stem cell to treat human patients announced yesterday that it was abandoning its research using embryonic stem cells. Geron was the first company to have a federally approved clinical trial using embryonic stem cells to treat human patients. That clinical trial is being stopped and none of the patients have showed any signs of improvement.
Geron Corp., a pioneer in stem cell research that has been testing a spinal cord injury treatment, said late Monday that it's halting development of its stem cell programs to conserve funds. It is seeking partners to take on the programs' assets and is laying off much of its staff......

In a statement, the company said the decision to narrow its focus "was made after a strategic review of the costs, ... timelines and clinical, manufacturing and regulatory complexities associated with the company's research and clinical-stage assets."