Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ACTION ITEM: Contact your Michigan Senator regarding religious, conscience rights

In response to a recent mandate by President Obama's Administration over conscience protection and religious freedom, Michigan prolife State Senator John Moolenaar has introduced Senate Bill 975, the Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Act (RLCPA).

This comprehensive legislation would establish state-level protections for religious and conscience rights in three areas related to health care service:

1. No employer or individual would be forced to purchase a health care plan with objectionable services included.

2. A health facility can decline to perform any health care service it considers objectionable.

3. An individual health care provider (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, researcher, etc.) cannot be required to participate in an objectionable health care service.

The Senate Health Policy Committee will begin consideration of SB 975 with a hearing on Thursday, March 8.

This bill will face serious push back from a variety of special interests. Your prolife voice is vital.

ACTION NEEDED: Contact your Michigan Senator with the following simple message:

"Vote YES on SB 975. Protect Religious Liberty and Conscience Rights."