Friday, March 9, 2012

State rep. debunks false claims about ultrasounds

Rep. Karen MacBeth of the Rhode Island state legislature is the lead sponsor of a bill that would require abortionists to offer to show an ultrasound to a woman before an abortion. She debunks the claim from abortion supporters that ultrasounds rape women. We have similar legislation pending in Michigan; informed consent is important and saves women's lives. Below is part of Representative MacBeth's speech:
Requiring an ultrasound to take place before an abortion is performed makes sense since it ensures that the mother is actually pregnant, determines the age and size of the baby, and aids in determining the location of the unborn child for either the vacuum machine or a needle used to end its life, if in fact a surgical abortion is decided upon. And in many abortion procedures, ultrasounds are used during the surgical abortion to ensure that the abortionist doesn’t physically harm the mother while they dismember the unborn child.

In short, ultrasounds are already being performed as part of most abortion procedures. And in those cases, my bill simply requires the abortionist to display these ultrasound images so that the woman may view them.