Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grand Rapids doctors save twins after mother declared brain dead

A few weeks ago, twins Nicholas and Alexander Maybanks-Bolden were born at 25 weeks, a month after their mother Christine Bolden was declared brain dead.
The next day, Bolden collapsed while walking out of a building in Grand Rapids with her 3-year-old son and boyfriend. Her family would never speak with her again.

Doctors told relatives she had two brain aneurysms that burst, the apparent result of stress from pregnancy on a possible pre-existing health condition.

Bolden was declared brain dead at Spectrum Health days later, on March 6 — the same date an obituary lists as the date of her death.

But as family learned she was gone, they were hit with other news that brought on a wave of strongly conflicting emotions: Bolden's twins appeared to be just fine.

She carried them for nearly a month, while on life support, until their birth by cesarean section April 5.

Though the boys remain in the hospital — after being born premature at 25 weeks — family now say they are thanking God that a part of Christine Bolden will live on.