Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prolifers testify in favor of legislation to make coercive abortions illegal

On Tuesday, Michigan legislators on the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on a package of pills which aims to outlaw women being coerced into abortions. The legislation passed the State House by votes of 72-37.
After several women testified about their own experience being coerced into terminating a pregnancy, Jones, R-Grand Ledge, spoke about a 19-year-old female college student with an unplanned pregnancy. He said the father's parents brought the girl "into a restaurant and did everything they could to coerce this young lady into an abortion. Offers of money; offers of all kinds. She resisted that, got an attorney and got full custody of that baby." "She then stayed in college, became a great special education teacher and adopted two special needs children that nobody wanted. The baby in question that they wanted aborted was reading thick books like ‘Harry Potter' by age 6. At age 7 he tested at ninth-grade level, at age 12 at a college level. "He's my 14-year-old grandson."