Friday, January 4, 2013

"Filthy" Muskegon abortion clinic won't re-open

According to Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis, the Women's Medical Services abortion clinic in Muskegon won't re-open after it was shut down for violations of the city's fire code. 

The clinic was run by Robert Alexander, an abortionist with a checkered history including a felony conviction, multiple revocations of his medical license and botched abortions. 
The eight alleged violations of the city’s fire code -- including containers of hazardous materials not stored in cabinets -- centered on what appeared to be generally poor housekeeping for any type of medical clinic, Lewis said. All could have been remedied fairly easily had the doctor chosen to reopen the clinic, he said.

“It was a filthy mess,” he said. “Just the overall housekeeping was not that which you’d expect a clinic to be.”
The eight alleged city violations cited by Metcalf included:
  • leaking roof;
  • “poor housekeeping resulting in a large fire load”;
  • several containers of hazardous materials not stored in cabinets;
  • combustible materials stores near ignition sources;
  • no fire extinguishers;
  • no key box for fire department emergency access;
  • storage in mechanical and electrical room blocking electrical panels and furnace;
  • absence of exit signs and emergency lighting.....
“Poor housekeeping: That was the theme of the whole thing – a state of organization that did not exist. Overt poor housekeeping,” Lewis said. “This location was not suitable to continued operation” as a medical clinic of any kind, he said.

For example, cabinets appeared "very dirty" and rusted, and ceiling tiles were discolored from longstanding roof leaks, Lewis said.