Monday, February 17, 2014

EMU paper covers Life Speakers Series Event

Via Eastern Echo/Peyton Burton
The Eastern Echo, the campus paper of Eastern Michigan University, covered a panel discussion entitled, “The Abortion Controversy Continues.”  The discussion was part of Right to Life of Michigan's Life Speaker Series during Black History Month.  The event was co-sponsored by Students for Life group at Eastern Michigan and Catholics on Campus. 

Students of Eastern Michigan University made the trek to Halle Library on the night of Feb. 12 to attend a pro-life abortion panel. The panel was put on by Right to Life of Michigan with the help of Catholics on Campus, and featured a variety of experts, including a medical doctor, a pastor, community and nonprofit directors, and even an EMU student, Angela Little.

In addition to being professional experts on the topic, all the panelists had personal backgrounds relating to abortion. Some of them were ex pro-choice supporters, but changed their views after emotional or spiritual experiences. Kathy Crombie, director of Right to Life of Michigan, said the panelists were “Those who believe in life, but from different perspectives.”