Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WOODTV 8 finds former abortionist Robert Alexander

In their latest investigation into former abortionist Robert Alexander, WOODTV8 found him working at a STD clinic in Detroit and interviewed one of his former employees.  Alexander's Muskegon abortion clinic was closed in December of 2012 due to unsanitary conditions.

In recent years, the clinic was open only on Saturdays, with Alexander performing nine to 15 abortions on a typical day, the woman told Target 8. He charged less than others — about $377 plus $150 for medication, she said.

The clinic, she said, was often unsanitary, with blood on walls and equipment.......

The woman said the clinic’s ultrasound equipment stopped working about 1.5 years before the office closed, leaving Alexander guessing how far along his patients were.

“So he would just do a vaginal exam, and you know, guess that way,” she said.

The woman said she also witnessed botched abortions.