Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law brings transparency for all, peace of mind for many

A subtle yet significant change is happening in Michigan which will bring transparency to all and peace of mind to many with health insurance policies. On March 14, 2014, the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law takes effect. This law was made possible by the dedicated prolife volunteers who collected signatures to initiate the legislation and Michigan legislators who voted to ensure no person is forced to fund the deliberate taking of an innocent human life in the name of health care.  

So what will happen when the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law takes effect on March 14? The sun will rise and Michigan will join 23 other states that have opted out of abortion being a standard part in health care policies offered through the national health care exchanges. Michigan will also join nine other states that have opted out of abortion as a standard part of private health care plans.
Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, "Let's be honest. Michigan citizens do not want to pay for someone else's abortion with their tax dollars or insurance premiums. Michigan's experience with Medicaid has clearly shown that tax funding for abortion leads to more abortions."

The Abortion Insurance Opt-Out initiative has always been about who desires abortion coverage and who will pay for it; the law has nothing to do with the legality of abortion. With the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law in place, both transparency and peace of mind is realized for those who have health insurance. After March 14, any health care policies purchased or renewed will not include abortion unless a separate rider is obtained. In addition, if an employer private plan includes an abortion rider; all employees must be informed of the rider's provisions. 

This change brings both transparency and peace of mind. Policy holders in Michigan will know whether or not their health insurance plan includes abortion.

Listing said, "Abortion is not true health care - abortion kills a living, developing human being. March 14 is a good day for Michigan."