Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Prolife event at Oakland University featured in student paper

The Oakland Post, the student paper at the University of Oakland, published a story about an event sponsored by the students for life group at the university. 

Michelle Schmidt, director of client services at Problem Pregnancy Center, came to Oakland University to share her personal experience on abortion impacting her life.......

After the abortion Schmidt developed Ashmeran’s Syndrome.

“Asherman’s Syndrome is something I developed as a side effect of my abortion,” Schmidt said. “It’s a scarring that’s caused by the knife used during the abortion. I had five surgeries over ten years to repair the damage done to my body at a cost of about $14,000.”

At age 22, Schmidt became pro-life and never looked back.

Throughout her career at Problem Pregnancy Center Schmidt has seen over 8,000 women from all types of backgrounds.