Monday, September 22, 2014

Judge finds Michigan abortionist "failed to adhere to the most minimal standards of cleanliness"

For years, abortionist Robert Alexander ran a filthy abortion clinic in Muskegon and his clinic was only shut down when authorities investigated a break-in at the clinic and discovered the horrific conditions.  Now, Alexander is on the brink of losing his medical license after a September hearing exposed his practices.   

Operating room at Alexander's clinic via MLive
After the hearing, Administrative Law Judge Shawn Downey issued a proposal for decision which did not look too kindly on former Muskegon abortionist Robert Alexander's excuses for his closed abortion clinic's disgusting state. Alexander blamed his staff, contractors, and his landlord for the mess. Alexander even accused prolifers of breaking into his clinic and creating months of general filth overnight.

Judge Downey found that Alexander was not a credible witness and noted that the filthy conditions at the clinic had been there for an extended time according to Alexander's previous employees. 

He also found that the Bureau of Health Care Service proved Alexander is guilty of both negligence and incompetence under Michigan's Public Health Code.  The Michigan Board of Medicine will now decide how to discipline Alexander. 


HT: LifeNews