Monday, September 29, 2014

Start With Life film is exciting, new resource for churches

Start With Life is a thought-provoking short film about the battle of maintaining and advancing respect for human life. The spectrum of life comes alive with the visual images and scenes to which we can all relate. Deep down we know we must Start With Life.

Every person is equal under the law, and at crucial points in our country's history, this idea has given our nation a hope and vitality unlike any other on earth. Every new generation has had to come to terms with how to put this idea into practice.

Help others Start With Life. This film will remind them of ways they can join the battle of protecting the unalienable right to life. Every human being bears the image of God and is deserving of protection.

To show the 2-minute 22-second Start With Life film to your church, study group, organization or ministry, please contact Right to Life of Michigan at or by calling the Right to Life of Michigan State Central Office at 616-532-2300.

The film is also available for viewing from the Right to Life of Michigan YouTube Channel at