Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fifth video released, Planned Parenthood staffer discusses intact fetuses

This morning, the Center for Medical Progress released the fifth video in undercover investigation exposing Planned Parenthood's practice of trafficking in fetal body parts.  This video features footage from inside Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast abortion clinic and a discussion with Melissa Farrell, Director of Research, at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in her office and during a lunch meeting.

In the discussion, Farrell discusses obtaining "intact fetal cadavers," a desire to increase and diverse Planned Parenthood's "revenue stream," and her affiliate's willingness to alter abortion techniques in order to obtain better parts.  

The video also features footage inside the room where Planned Parenthood processes the parts of unborn children and includes footage showing the remains of an unborn child killed at 18 weeks. 

UPDATE: The full footage is below